Tales of brine And GiNGEr

A collection of macabre stories I am creating as a graphic novel, all based on true stories and guaranteed to send a shiver up your spine. The first in the series is named “ The Remnant” about a group of boys who go to explore a shipwreck with tragic results. Inspired by the grave of my great, great uncle which holds only his leg...


PAge Sketches

I work very quickly developing the story line as I draw panels. Originally I drew the panels straight onto paper with pencil. This gives me a lot of freedom to later cut out and reassemble panels which I feel are not working, the same technique I sued as a child to create ‘my books”. I then draw the ink lines digitally using my Wacom, add the speech bubbles and add colour to the backgrounds, this is a long process so I think with my next story I will draw it straight into digital. The challenge will be to keep the spontaneity of the lines I have using pencil, which can be lost if I over work a drawing.